Kitchen Inspiration

I am inspired by so many different design ideas and photos that I’m afraid that by the time I’m finished with remodeling MY kitchen…I’m going to have to just do it all over again!!!

Our kitchen has new natural oak cabinets, which were installed by the previous owners. Unfortunately, they chose to cut a few corners with the install and there are several things we will need to repair.  While it would be too expensive to completely renovate the entire space, we are planning on doing the following:

  1. Replace the current green, laminate countertop;
  2. Remove the linoleum flooring and replace with ceramic tile;
  3. Re-tile the backsplash with white subway tile;
  4. Paint the remaining wall space;
  5. Other cosmetic changes: new light fixtures, sink faucet, window treatments, cabinet hardware and shelving;

Our current layout is extremely strange:  It’s a single-wall floor plan with the sink centered beneath a window, flanked by the refrigerator and the range.  There’s a large open area bordered by four entrance doors (one door to upstairs, another outside, another to the dining room and another to the hallway).  You can see by my pathetic sketch below, it’s a difficult space to work with.

The additional cabinets located on the left side are floor to ceiling and offer no countertop space.  As you may or may not be able to tell, there is roughly a 6′ X 6′ open area in the center of the kitchen.  The radiator located by the hallway door is next to the laundry shoot and they BOTH limit our options.


My Inspiration:

I pulled these images from the Country Living website because the layout appears to be VERY similar to ours and it has the look of my ideal kitchen!

Here is a great photo which shows how they made the most use of the small space:

Here’s a closeup shot of the corner window area…this is almost identical to my kitchen:

I think I might be able to tear out the additional cabinetry and radiator in my kitchen (as mentioned above) and replace it with a little breakfast area like this one:

I love the blue paint color that they chose, but I’m thinking that a beautiful sage or moss green would really compliment our cabinets- the hard part is finding a green that doesn’t look too much like pea soup.

This color is “Sprout” from Serena and Lily

I also like this crisp, pale green from Benjamin Moore called “Sweet Caroline”

In search of the perfect kitchen color (or any room for that matter)?  A great tool is the House Beautiful Paintbrush which allows you to search tons of colors until you find just the right one.


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