Entryway Inspiration

Okay, so one project we’re working on this winter is our front and back door entryway areas and I’m in dire need of some inspiration to work from.


I pulled this picture from HouseandHome.com (Photography: Angus Fergusson) because I adore the lime green color of this door- the door itself is pretty fantastic too!


I stumbled across this photo at RealSimple.com- it makes such a bold statement yet it’s clean and welcoming at the same time…so jealous!


Well, I think I figured out the style I want for these areas, but now I have to find the actual pieces to fit my space.  The layout of my area is nothing like the ones above, but I found some great pieces that might fit my smaller entryway.


Although it’s technically for books n’ stuff, this Ballard Designs: Librarie Bookshelf would look great near the front/back door and it only costs $99.00 (avail. in white)


…and check out this bench, also available in white, at Ballard Designs for $129.00


Well, I guess I should start by taking some measurements and picking the color scheme.  I’m thinking navy, white and beige…thoughts??


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