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Kitchen Organization

Our major home renovations are on hold until the weather improves and I am starting to become restless.  I was bored today and thought I’d shop online for some basic kitchen organization…I mean, why not??  I love to organize and I’ve found that even the simplest of solutions can make a big difference in making your room feel complete.

Undersink Storage:

Pipes can present a dilemma when trying to organize your undersink area but with a few of these solutions, you can make the best use of the space and store all of the necessary kitchen items.

I bought this grocery bag dispenser  for $11.99 at The Container Store:

This little guy will totally help to hide away those ugly, but oh’ so handy, grocery bags that seem to accumulate under the sink.  It has double sided tape and a hole for hanging so it can easily affix to any surface.

I usually just hang my dish towels over the cabinet door but the great thing about this hook is that you can hang it on the outside of the cabinet.  Best part: they are only $2.99 a piece at!

When browsing for a basket for cleaning products and brushes, I came across this crate at…wait for it….crate & barrel outlet (go figure) for just $5.99.

I like these baskets too!  The one on the left is $11.49 and the one on the right is $7.99- you can buy both at

I have these mesh drawers under the kitchen sink right now and they are great for tidying up the little things..each basket slides out so everything is really easy to access.  Just $24.99 at The Container Store.

Around The Sink:

In college, I had a bulky plastic dish rack that I put next to the sink and while it looked cute, it didn’t really make my life easier. The water always seemed to drain on to the countertop or build up in the tray and cause me more work.  I have several little accessories around the sink that help me keep things organized and they work miracles.

I like this dish rack, which I found at, because there are no extra pieces and it drains right into the sink.  You can easily remove it and store it away…and it’s attractive too (very sleek).

I use little catch-all bowls like this one from Anthropologie ($24.99) in the window sil above the sink.

I found several of these trays at my local Home Goods for under $15.00 each- so I bought one and I use it next to my sink to organize my soaps and brushes.  The angled sides keep any water from making a mess on the counter.  You can also buy these at Port Meirion

I love the bright colors of this bowl, also at Port Meirion:

Above the Refrigerator:

My kitchen is rather small, so I hide away several items above the refrigerator in order to free up more cabinet space.  Usually, I put larger items or things I buy in bulk up top so that when it’s time to refill stock, it is easy to just pull the items down.  I found some really great storage solutions to help organize this space and disguise cereal boxes & other groceries and products.  Keep in mind when organizing this area that the goal is to remove clutter!

I bought this custom bin from The Macbeth Collection for $48.00 plus shipping.  There are SEVERAL different sizes and patterns to choose from and they are ALL adorable!!  I use it to hide away snacks like pretzels and chips 🙂

Use these food canisters too for cereal, granola bars, or fruit snacks!  These can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond:

If you have a cabinet above your refrigerator, use a tray divider from The Container Store ($9.99), to organize this area:

Metal bins like these from The Container Store can be used to store things like placemats, candle holders, napkins etc.  The labels are perfectly angled and easy to read.


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