Front yard

My So Called Green Thumb: Front Yard Revamp

Below is a picture of what our house looked like before any landscaping even began!

On the left side there were two hydrangeas, a peony shrub, two holly shrubs, two lillyturf, a bunch of tulips, as well as two daylillies. The right side had some unknown flowering shrub/tree, a ton of english ivy, and a number of conifer shrubs.

Here’s what we’ve managed to do so far.


Apologies for the low quality image…our camera is broken. But, you can still see all the work that we’ve done!

The Right Side:

What We Removed

First, we ripped up all of the english ivy – It hadn’t been taken care of and it was getting a bit out of control! In fact, I was convinced that we’d find a dead animal somwhere buried under it all but, thank goodness, all we found was a tennis ball, a beer can, and an old movie ticket from 1956. We also removed all of the shrubs from that side…I’m not a huge fan of conifer.

What We Added:

We planted two Delaware Valley Azalea’s ($25.99 each) which were purchased from Puritas Nursery. And just last week, we planted some hostas donated to us by our lovely neighbor. It’s not an ideal time to divide and/or re-plant hostas but she insisted and they are rather resilient so, hopefully they survive!

The Left Side:

What We Removed:

We wanted more grass and we hated climbing over the odd shaped planting area when we got in and out of the car so, we reduced it’s size to match the other side. Now that the space is much smaller, it’s easier to maintain and it gives the kids more space to run around. We transplanted the hydrangeas, peony shrub, and other perennials to a location in the backyard (to be debuted at a later time). The only plants that remained were the two holly seen below.


What We Added:

So far, we’ve planted three Tabitha Scarlet Garden Mums ($4.99 each) which can be purchased in late summer/early fall.


And a beautiful Dwarf Japanese Maple which the hubby bought early on so, I’m not sure of the cost.

Still To Do:

Here is a basic sketch of what we’d like the end result to look like.  Not the best drawing in the world- but then again, I never claimed to be an artist 😉


To achieve this look we still need to:

  1. Add Hostas on the left side to balance those already planted on the right;
  2. Plant a Tabitha Scarlet Mum on the right to give the area a pop of color to coordinate with those on the left;
  3. Remove the large tree on the right and replace it with a new crabapple tree or similar;
  4. And repair the soil by adding in some fresh top soil and mulch;


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