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Nightstand Display and Decor

I’m starting to tackle the master bedroom bit by bit and thought I’d work on decorating and organizing my bedside table this weekend.  While I want it to look beautiful, I also want a space that’s functional and organized.

You like the toilet paper roll?  Yeah, that’s what happens when you run out of Kleenex in the middle of the night.  The lamp was my fiancé’s- I don’t mind it really but the chain to turn it on always hits the side of the lamp base and makes this annoying CLING sound.

I got the chrome leaf tray at West Elm a while back and use it for the jewelry I wear most often. The perfume bottle is from Anthropologie- the floral design is really beautiful; it reminds me of my grandmother’s old perfume bottles.  I have a little ring box (with an S on it) next to the photo of my great grandparents and another little trinket dish from Anthropologie.

On the bottom, I have a cup of makeup brushes, a beehive bowl that stores hair accessories, journals, books and other keepsakes.  Right now it just looks cluttered.

Here are some photos for inspiration:

This one (from William Sonoma Home) has a bit of everything!

This Pottery Barn nightstand, although kind of difficult to see, looks organized and clean.

I found this photo on Decor Pad (a great site for inspiration)- I like the basket in this photo, as opposed to the boxes, as well as the telephone…how neat.

This photo (also from Decor Pad) caught my eye because the nightstands have a little bit of everything…

Here are some other items that would look adorable on/beneath a bedside table:

This Madison Lux Table Clock ($24.95) from ZGallerie is perfect for a nightstand.  ZGallerie also has some wonderful decorative accessories like faux coral, bowls, picture frames, etc. at an affordable price.  Definitely worth checking out.

I have this Marseilles Tray ($32.00) from Jayson Home and I love it.  It is great for holding keys, change, and other little items.  I also bought my ring box (the one with the S on it) from Jayson Home.  They have a lot to choose from.

This basket is $39 from West Elm (I love this store!).  You can usually find great quality baskets at stores like Homegoods, Walmart, and K-mart but I find it to kind of be hit-or-miss.

Here is another great West Elm item for just $34.  Not surprised.  Right now, and usually always, West Elm has beautiful decorative trays and boxes.

This Mercury Trinket Box can be found at Anthropologie for $18.00.  I buy a lot of their decorative bowls and accessories for use all over my house…

I found these adorable picture frames at Walmart for $9.47 (set of 2).  They have free in-store shipping (if local store doesn’t have it in stock already).  I’ve also had good luck at Home Goods and at Kohls…really cute frames at fantastic prices.

I’m a fan of this lamp from Target ($24.99)!  The nifty thing about their lamps is that you can mix and match your shades and stands for a truly custom look.  Pier 1 also has a big selection- if you’re willing to spend a few extra buckaroos.

Iomoi gives you the option to customize a lucite tray which can be great for corralling smaller personal items in a neat and colorful way.  The MacBeth Collection has smaller and more affordable trays too!

The MacBeth Collection has some other colorful storage bins for just $48.00- perfect for storing items below your nightstand like magazines, etc.  You can customize the bin with different colors and patterns.

Or you can use a great fabric storage bin like this one that I found on Etsy for $18.00.  Obviously, the great thing about Etsy is that you can find unique items for such a good price…you just have to take the time to search.

My fiance’s aunt gave me some vintage books like this one that she had stored away in her house- something you can find online at a place like AbeBooks.  You can search for classics or just select a few with beautiful covers.

Dabnee Lee’s desktop calendar is also a fave of mine ($25).  I actually made this a DIY project and printed calendar cards on card stock paper so that I could change the colors and fonts.  Then I bought a plate holder from JoAnn Frabrics to display it.

Buy some sweet smelling candles- I usually find sales on Seda France candles on One King’s Lane or I stop by a local Francesca’s Collections and pickup some up there.  Pickup a small notepad from a stationery store you love or even make it a DIY project- just print your name using special typography/font on card stock paper and have it bound at kinkos (costs under $5).  Once I’ve revamped my table, I’ll post some after photos here.

Did I miss something??  Do you have some other great ideas, or products that would look great on a bedside table?  Post a comment here and let me know where to find it.


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