Kitchen · Organization & Cleaning

Food Storage & Pantry Organization

I hope one day my pantry can look as clean and organized as this one.

Where to find these storage essentials:

Walmart has a huge selection of storage bins, including these canvas totes, for a good price.  Also, The Container Store is always a great place.

You can find canisters like this one above at Ikea starting at $2.99 for smaller ones (less than $10 each).  Great for storing pastas, cookies and other snacks.  If you like the look of the jars above, they can be found at Walmart in a variety of styles and quantities for under $20.

I found these vintage looking wire baskets at for just $23.00- but, I also saw a few at my local Home Goods so, check there first!

This two-tiered lazy susan can be found at any home store (Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc) but I found one for $18 on–the cheapest of all stores.

The Container Store has most kitchen storage essentials…this expandable tray is just $15 (not including tax and shipping)

Check back soon for a before and after of my very own, real life, pantry–I’ll walk you through the process of organizing everything…


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