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Beach Inspired Blues

I tend to drift towards the pale blue & green paint colors when I’m looking to paint a room because they remind me of the beach (my favorite place).  I try to be adventurous and go with a bright yellow or coral but I never have the same attachment as I do with the beautiful light blues and greens.

Dark Blues

The dark and mysterious blue of the ocean’s horizon.  This deep shade represents wisdom and purity so it’s great in home offices, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms.  We painted our Master Bedroom Mercer Blue by Eddie Bauer and we love it.  If you like this blue-gray color as much as I do, you should look at these similar shades…

Soft Blues

The pale blues of the sky promote tranquility and harmony so, in my opinion, they are perfect in any room.  Our First Floor Bathroom is painted Misty Surf by Olympic-it’s the sweetest robin’s egg blue.  I had a shower curtain made by Tonic Living in Soho Robin fabric and took it to Lowe’s to match the color.  Misty Surf was the result…


We plan on using light blue in our living room as well- since we spend a significant amount of time there as a family we want the space to be a relaxing color.  We haven’t painted yet but here are some fantastic shades that we plan on sampling.

Bright Aquas

Like the bright turquoise in the beach waves…these shades just make you feel like you’re sitting seaside in the Caribbean.  Our outdoor patio set is a tropical teal and I feel like I’m on a vacation every time I step outside.  My favorite place to see a bright aqua is in the laundry room or bathroom.  Check out these brilliant teal hues..

What shades of blue do you have in your home?  Any suggestions or photos to share?  I’d love to see them and post them for others to see as well!  In the meantime, find more great blues by visiting the following websites:


2 thoughts on “Beach Inspired Blues

  1. Beautiful colors! My living room is close to your #1 or #5 under “Aquas” and we have a beachy/lighthouse theme going. It’s wonderful to stay connected to our love of the ocean throughout the year. Thanks for following & I look forward to following you as well!

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