The Look For Less: Home Office Space

Whether your home office is large or small, it’s possible to design your space without going broke in the process.  I like finding photos that inspire me and then incorporating pieces from different rooms to recreate a look that’s entirely unique.  For key pieces, I like this photo….

This room was part of the Southern Living 2012 Idea House and based on their product information, the total room cost = $1,517.99 (does not include shipping and tax.  Products include: Upholstered Chair (starting around $900, depending on retailer)- CR Laine; Desk ($299.99 on sale from $499)- Ballard Designs; Lamp ($99.00)- Ballard Design; Burlap Message Board ($219.00)- Ballard Designs

The Look For Less

Using this photo as a starting point, I shopped around to find some of these same key pieces at a better price- and you don’t have to sacrifice quality.  It’s about deciding where to spend the money; what pieces are worth “investing” in and which ones you know can be found for less.  Here are some of my suggestions on how to achieve the same style for around $500.

I found this desk at World Market (one of my favorite stores) for $139.99.  Want some options?  Similar, but a little more expensive, desks can also be found at Crate and Barrel for $399.00 and Zgallerie for $499.00

I found the lamp at Ikea for $49.99 but perhaps Home Goods would have one for less than that!

The chair was a bit more difficult to find but, it all depends on the upholstery you’re looking for.  I liked this one that I found at Target for $269.99.  You can add a decorative and colorful pillow to incorporate it into your room.  If you like the wing-back style or want an armchair, I suggest checking out Overstock– you can find the style you want, at a price under $300 (even if its in a fabric you don’t like) and you can re-upholster it on your own for a lot less.

This message board was at Pottery Barn for $99.00! It’s huge too!

And finally, I found this beautiful birch trunk at World Market for $149.99.  It’s about the size of a coffee table and the drawers make it perfect for use in the office.  I also saw some large, stack-able trunks at Hobby Lobby starting at just $50.   But, the trunk is an easy garage sale find…just keep your eye open or check on Craigslist and you might be able to find it for less.

The total cost of the room with these products would be $708.96 but you could easily put this room together for under $500 if you shop garage sales, Craigslist and your local stores like Home Goods and Hobby Lobby.



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