Kids' Room

Kid-friendly Bedroom Storage

I was at a friend’s house the other day and we were talking about how she can’t find a way to keep the kids’ toys and clothes organized.  She was quite noticeably stressed out from all the clutter on the floors and was frustrated that the toys were now piling up in the living room.  Kids are messy (in an adorable way), and we all know that it can be difficult to get the lil’ ones on board with picking up their stuff, so here are some practical solutions I’ve found to help keep everything in order.

kids closet
I saw this closet solution on and I thought it was such a great idea.  Plan outfits in advance to save time each day and cut back on arguing over what to wear.

PB Teen Storage

These canvas totes with dividers can easily slide under a bed for storage.  Organize toys or clothes in an easy-to-reach place where the little tikes can access the stuff they want without dumping everything out on the floor. These are just $12 each at PB Teen

3 Sprouts Storage Bin
This adorable storage bin is just $16.89 at Target (3 Sprouts Storage) and they come with different animals on the front.  I picked the bee to display here (for obvious reasons), but there are a ton of adorable totes to choose from.  Or, use plain canvas totes or baskets on shelves and label them so its easy to know what’s inside- use pictures for young toddlers.

Also great from Target is this storage shelf, which costs just $84.99…it would definitely come in handy for storing smaller toys, or shoes and accessories in a teens room.  The shelves can be left as is or you can fill storage bins with stuff and use them as drawers.  Another great shelving system is the Expedit Shelving from ikea.

Artwork and other keepsakes can pile up everywhere and it’s impossible to fit everything on the refrigerator.  Use these wall rails with hooks, or a magnetic knife rack, to display your childs’ work.  Hang them in their bedroom where they can change them up as they wish.

ikea bedroom
Give your child a creative and functional space, like this bedroom from Ikea so they’ll have a place all their own.  This may prevent them from bringing their stuff out of their room…

pbteen1400This storage bed ($1,400) from Pottery Barn Teen has a bookshelf headboard, which allows for even more space for storage.  If $1,400 is a little too much, there are tons of similar options out there.  Check out or Overstock.


Or, use a series of shelves like these from PBteen ($39.99 each) to build your own headboard with the same storage.

Other Great Resources:


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