Dining Room

Dining Room Ideas

Well, we’re brainstorming ideas for our dining room and we found some great photos to serve as inspiration.  We’re planning to repaint the walls, give the trim another coat of white paint, and replace the light fixture.  Eventually we’ll need to buy a few more key pieces to complete the entire room.  Here are some of the photos that we’re liking right now:

SeabrookPhoto from a Home in Seabrook, A New Beach Town in Washington.

I really like the natural wicker dining chairs in this room from a house in Seakbrook, WA.  The seafoam paint color is beautiful, especially paired with the wainscoting and hardwood floors.  This style light fixture always reminds me of a lighthouse, which I’m sure is the reason for the lighthouse print on the wall…it must have made the home owners think the same thing 😉


I absolutely adore the textured wallpaper in this room, but then again I love pretty much everything about this space.  I’m not a huge fan of indoor plants, but if I do incorporate them in a room I tend to think that “smaller is better”….especially in a dining area.  That’s just my personal preference though.  Otherwise,  I think the light fixtures, window treatments, furniture, and artwork are all stunning.
I like the rustic farm-style table seen here, partly because it contradicts the formality of the surrounding pieces.  The mirror on the wall compliments the french doors on either side- making it seem even more open.  I also really like the single-panel curtains and hardware.
Another great farmhouse-style table, but this time with a bench, which I love.  The beige walls and the natural blinds look awesome with the other pieces in the room.  The modern prints are great too, proving you don’t have to follow any rules when it comes to decorating your space.

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