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Another Front Yard Landscape Plan

Spring is in the air and I can’t wait to get started on some outdoor projects to brighten up our landscape.  We’re starting with the front yard, since that’s what most people see.

Front Yard Landscape Plan

I had a completely different plan when we first began transplanting shrubs and cleaning up the front landscape. But, as I learned more about certain plants, and I worked with the weather here in Cleveland, I adjusted the plan a bit.  Some of the perennials we planted in prior years weren’t doing well in the front, so we moved most of them to other areas around the house.  Now we have some open spaces to fill in….and my hope is that with some new plantings, we’ll create year-round interest that requires little maintenance.

Left Side

Left Side-Front

On the left side, we used the Japanese Maple as our focus and worked around that.  It provides good shade for this area, which receives 6+ hours of sunlight.  We have most of these plants in place, with the exception of a few.  I love the Evergreen Candytuft and highly recommend it for ANY landscape.

rooms 043

Photo of the left side (taken earlier this month)

Left Side- Front

Photo of the left side (taken earlier this month)

Right Side

Right Side-Front

On the right side, we’d like to plant a Barberry shrub (or something with burgundy foliage) to match the Maple on the other side.  I also want to plant some Garden Phlox (Phlox Paniculata) to add some background color against the brick.  We have 1 Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ right now, but I want to add another one on the right side to balance it all out….same with the Ascot Rainbow.

rooms 064Photo of the right side from above (taken earlier this month)

Right side-front

Photo of the right side (taken earlier this month)

We still need several of the plants listed in the plan, not to mention mulch, but hopefully it will work out as intended. Let’s be honest, this will probably change again 😉  I’ll keep you posted on any changes, but in the meantime, please feel free to offer any suggestions.  I always appreciate anyone with advice- especially if you’ve personally tested different plants in sunny areas and know what works!



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