DIY Challenge: Simple Art Project

I’m sitting on my cozy couch procrastinating, while I should be working…and just as I’m convincing myself to make today a “lazy” day, I turn the TV to the Live Well Network and see a show about easy DIY projects. So, I decided that instead of being a bum today, I’d tackle a DIY project and be somewhat productive. In fact, I’m challenging myself to try a DIY project once a week for the next two months.

DIY Pinterest Board

We all have em’…the DIY Pinterest board. Why not try a few of them? Afterall, that’s the point of the board, right? Well, I have a growing list of do-it-yourself projects and I’m going to start with a simple one today- one where I don’t have to go out shopping for a ton of materials that I don’t already have laying around.

BHG Artwork DIY

This project, from Better Homes and Gardens, requires just just a few materials: paper, acrylic paint and a frame with decorative paper for finishing touches. Some colorful handmade artwork would look great in a teen room or a bathroom even. Here’s my attempt at this project:

First, I pulled out my cardstock paper that was precut in the size I wanted. You can find a variety of sizes and colors in the scrapbook isle of any craft store. White looks great with bright colors, but you could try a colored piece of paper and use a metallic or white paint instead.

Cardstock Paper

Then, I folded the paper in half so that I had a crease to follow later.  Don’t press down too hard, you don’t want it to show up later when you frame it.

DIY Artwork1.jpgI used acrylic craft paint, just as BHG recommended, and I picked some of my favorite shades of blue and green.


Hold the tube of paint above the paper and let it drip out onto the paper.  Smaller dots are best so that you can see more of the colors, but go crazy!  I had no idea how the splatter of the dots would affect the end result, so it’s kind of trial and error…but you can’t go wrong, really.

Acrylic Paint Dots.jpg

Finally, fold the clean side of paper onto the side with paint and press lightly.  Rub your fingers over the folded piece of paper to make sure that the paint spreads.  Then open the folded paper and check out your new piece of art!

DIY Art.jpg

I put it off to the side and let it dry for a day (I wasn’t in any rush), but a few hours should be sufficient.  I trimmed off a bit of the extra paper on the bottom.  Now, I need to find a frame that will fit my art and find some decorative paper to use as a matte.  I’ll post again once I have it framed and on the wall.


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