Front Door Inspiration

We have been in desperate need of a new front door for quite sometime, in fact, we have two front doors that need replacing…but, let’s just take one at a time, shall we. First, we need to replace the interior entry door. This door enters the home into the living room and exits onto the enclosed front porch-It’s really the original and main entry door to the house. We have a craftsman-bungalow home, so we want to keep with that look and pick out a door that reflects that style. These are some of my favorites, so far:

Although this particular door has a large decorative glass panel, this same style comes with a variety of panel styles. The distinctive feature about these doors is the ledge/shelf beneath the glass. Love it.


This door is similar to the first one but the glass in this door is clear and it has 3 panels instead of one large one- I can’t decide which one I like more!


Front Door Color:

With regards to color, I’m all over the place. Our house is a red brick color and our exterior molding is brown with white framed windows. The only siding we have is on the upstairs dormer and it’s a light beige color (might as well be white), which we could always replace with another color. Most doors do not come in a variety of colors- it’s something we’d have to do after the fact- but here are the ones I like:

I like the look of a freshly stained front door. No color. Just the natural wood shining through. This leaves your options open for changing your exterior paint colors in future.


Pale Green Door

I also like a real pale mint green color.  If it’s muted enough, it looks more gray/green and goes nicely with a red brick and brown trim.  I found this photo in a google search that lead me to an adorable blog called Love & Lilac


I also like this green color, which was said to be Farrow & Ball Lichen (even though it looks more of an olivey green than a mint one). Either way, it would look nice with our existing exterior color palette.



I found this photo at a blog called Park House Love and I love the gray/blue door color.  Not only would it look great with the red brick, but it would match the existing siding on the house.

Check back for an update to see what we choose!


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