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New Basement Shelving

If you saw the photos from our basement “before” you would understand why we were in need of some storage shelving.  We aren’t hoarders, despite how it might look, but have managed to accumulate a lot of junk over the years.   Anyways, we finally decided to buy some storage shelves to get some stuff off the floor and begin to clean it all out.  I told you…I’m “nesting”, I’m bound and determined to get this stuff done (despite the fact that hubby can procrastinate a bit- love you honey).


4-15-13 267

This is what you would see when you entered the basement area from our laundry room.  A bunch of Christmas decorations (somewhat organized in bins) and misc. crap that just started piling up.

4-15-13 268

Use the silver pole and the wall shelf as a frame of reference- this is the left side of the basement area where we keep my husbands tools and paint supplies (this stuff will eventually be in the garage once we get that repaired).


We were originally going to build wood shelving in the back storage rooms of the basement, but this space isn’t ready for such a responsibility and we wanted something that we could take with us if/when we move.

Edsal Shelving Unit-Lowes

We purchased two of these shelving units from Lowe’s, each cost us $159.99 but it was a worthy investment.


Before we assembled the shelving unit, we removed the oversized light fixture (which you can see in photos above) and took down the wall shelf below the window.


This is the corner where all of my husband’s tools were laying on the floor.  The tools are still on the floor, but we managed to get several other storage boxes off the ground.  Most of these bins contain seasonal clothes.  I plan to label them once I organize them better.


This is the space where all of the Christmas boxes were scattered around.  Now, all of our holiday decor and my husband’s old military stuff have a safe place to stay.

Our future plans consist of buying a smaller shelving unit for my husband’s tools and paint supplies and putting it along that back wall. All shelves together will form an “L” and we’ll have some much needed floor space.

Let me know your thoughts…do you have any suggestions for our basement space?


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