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Password Book

I have a TON of online accounts and it can become difficult to remember every password for every site (especially if you’re smart and switch them up).  So, I created my own Password Book to keep this personal/private information recorded.  I’m sharing my template with you so that you can print your own and I’ve walked through the steps for printing and binding below.  Total cost (not including paper I already had on hand, $4.86)

Password Log.jpg



Step 1: Download the .pdf version of the password log

Step 2: Print pages 2 & 3 (as many copies as you want) on a thicker cardstock paper (80# or 100# suggested) and then flip them over to print again on the other side.  So…each printed page will be double sided.

Step 3: Print 1 copy of page 1 (the front and back pages)

Step 4: Take your printed copies to Kinkos (or Office Max) and have them cut the paper down the center.  The text is already aligned so that they can bound the paper along the left side of each cut piece.

Step 5: Have them bind the paper along the left side where there is extra space.  They may limit the amount of pages you can have bound depending on the thickness of your cardstock paper.


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