Garden & Landscaping

Spring Has Arrived!

For those of you living in colder climates, you realize why this is such an exciting announcement.  Even some of the southern states saw some crazy winter weather this year.  And, for this reason, I am already starting to plan my gardening activities for the season.  The weather is still in the 50’s, but I’m ready to go buy some flowers!

I usually start with my container gardens before I move on to the more tedious outdoor tasks.  We have two large blue planters on our front steps, a large teal container in the back and several smaller baskets & containers that I arrange on the deck.  I’ll start off with the blue planters on our steps- since those will be most visible.

Royal Blue Planters

I’ve spent the last few years testing some ideas and I’ve learned what works best- for example, begonias don’t do well here because these planters get 4+ hours of sun.  I also know that bright colors like yellow and white look amazing against our dark red brick…purple is another great color for this area and it looks great with yellow (hello, color wheel!)

I’ve wanted to plant Angelonia for quite some time now- I’ve been seeing it everywhere and it’s such a beautiful flower.  I’m not sure how it will do, but it’s worth a shot.  Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ is another iffy one.  I’ve never used it before, but I do like euphorbia a lot so I’m hoping it survives in a planter.  Lastly, I would like to plant a full yellow flower like the Gerbera Daisy above, or maybe even a Dahlia or Zinnia perhaps.  My husband really likes marigolds, so that’s a possibility too.  Of course, these plantings depend heavily on sale prices when I’m at our local garden center.

Now, that I have our front planters planned, its on to our backyard….HAPPY SPRING!



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