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Easy DIY Edging

We have this awkward space around our foundation that always looks hideous. I’ve put mulch down, I’ve tried just leaving it be, but either way…weeds takeover or the rain always washes the mulch away leaving us with a muddy, messy space that I just can’t stand to look at anymore.

Before- Foundation

I was inspired by this photo from (found on Pinterest).  The river rocks along the foundation keep the area looking tidy and the mulch space still gives you an area for plantings.  The plastic edging is enough to keep it all in place- separating the materials so they don’t mix.  River rocks are a bit expensive, though, so I’m just going to go with the mulch only.


So, I just bought (1) 20 ft. roll of plastic landscape edging at Lowe’s ($14.98 each)- figuring if it was an epic fail, at least it only cost me $15 and 10 minutes of my time.


Installation was a cinch- easy enough for me to handle on my own (no offense to the hubs, but we must divide and conquer).  Instructions say to lay it out in the sun for a few hours so that it loses the “curl” and it’s easier to bend where you need it to go.



After a few hours, it was still a little curled, but it was relatively easy to work with.  I started with the left side and hammered in the plastic nail in the first hole.  Okay, I’ll admit…I hammered them in with a brick that was sitting nearby.  Nothing fancy here.  Then I placed one every few feet from there, until I wrapped it around the side of the house.

Edging installed

FYI- it comes with the nails, but you can buy extras separately if you want to place them closer together to make it more secure.  I figured that over time, it would settle so I just used the ones that it came with.  Once all of the nails were in, I poured in 2 bags of mulch, spreading it rather thin so that it was even with the top of the plastic rim of the edging.


This photo was taken later in the evening, but you can still see that it made a huge difference in just cleaning up the space.  I would say it’s a win overall, right?


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