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DIY Garden Fencing

I love our pups.  Honestly, I do, but, their backyard antics have reeked havoc on my attempt at a garden.  Not only do they dig up and eat the plants, they also run through it like maniacs (I wish I could show you video).  I thought that if I filled in most of the area with plants, they would stop, but I was wrong.  I originally talked about getting garden fencing in my Backyard Landscaping Plan, but never did it (for one reason or another).  Finally, while I was in Lowe’s, I just decided to pickup 4 sections to see if it worked.


There were several different fence panels, but these happened to be on sale and they measured roughly 3′ high (29″x 37″H to be exact).  They are normally $19.97 each, but I think I got them for $17.97, so for 7 sections it cost me about $125.00 total.


They are super easy to install.  Just push them down into the ground and connect each panel with the little hooks that are one end as you go.  No tools required- it’s really that simple.  Took me a total of 10 minutes.

garden fencing


It certainly kept them from running through it.  Where before they would get a running start at the far side of the deck and run right through, trampling everything in their path.  Now, they can still get into the garden area, but they can’t really trample on the plants.  Of course, as soon as I put these up, the dogs came into the garden and plopped right on top of a plant.

lowessmallgardenfenceI might need to put up some smaller fencing along the right side and the deck to keep them out completely.  These are at Lowes and they are 1.5’H x 1.8’W; a perfect match to the larger sections- at $9.98 it would cost me about $100-$150 since I would need at least 9 panels.

Summer Garden

Since we’re heading into winter, I’ll “let sleeping dogs lie” (as they say) and tackle that project next spring.  Hopefully my new plants survive that long…


Until then, these adorable pups will continue to run the show.



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