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Rental Rehap: Part 2…Gutting the Bathroom 

For anyone going through a renovation, the first thing you need to do is find a general contractor or a “man of many trades” who knows what he’s doing.  A friend of my husband’s recommended this guy to us, and after seeing pictures of his past work, we asked for a quote.  That’s my other recommendation, shop around.  Get several quotes and get a handle on the job complexity.  You don’t have to feel obligated to accept just any offer…give yourself some time and get suggestions to see if you have good options. 

Anyways, we found this great guy who specializes in plumbing and electrical but really knows how to do everything, including tile work and can even handle the demo too.  He started on the bathroom of the rental today and ripped everything out.xbcz

He tore out the drywall and removed the linoleum that was on the subfloor.  He also threw out the existing tub, toilet and sink.   


Fun fact.  We found a window!  There was one hiding behind the bathtub surround- it looks straight into the utility room 😉 great view. 


He tore out the flooring around the toilet (since we plan on moving around the fixtures) and look at all the fun stuff below!  A lightbulb…wonder if it works?

We are making a trip to Lowe’s tonight to buy all the replacements and he’s returning tomorrow to start the install. 

Once it’s complete, I’ll post the full details re: pricing.



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