Garden & Landscaping

Garden Update: I’ve neglected my flowers

There has been so much going on at the rental house lately, I’ve barely had any time to get things done around our house… That includes the garden I spent so much time planning.  Looking at it now, just before fall season, I realize that I have some work ahead of me to fix it up again.

The Shasta daisies need to be dead-headed and they are growing a bit larger than I’d like, so I need to relocate some.

And, I caught the dogs peeing in my garden a few times this summer and I realized that we have a stray cat that sneaks in under the gate and marks his/her territory all over my garden (damn cat).  So, despite my efforts to keep the dogs out, my plants seem to be suffering the consequences.

Our backyard, in general, is a mess.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done what needs doing.  Since summer is coming to a close, I’m feeling like most of the work might as well wait until spring.

The pear tree has already dropped half of the fruit on the ground, the pool lining ripped and so we decided to just tear the entire thing out (let’s see how long it takes for that to happen) and the grass is overgrown with weeds.  It’s like a jungle back there.  Not good.  For now, I guess I’ll just take one thing at a time…starting with putting the furniture away for the winter (frown).



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