Rental Renovations

Rental Rehab: Part 3…Roof

Perhaps the biggest project is the roof, particularly the front and back porches.  My husband actually has experience roofing, but after having some professionals take a look at it, we realized we would need to hire someone for the job.  With that said, we hoped that my husband could help and maybe save us some money on labor.  We divided up the job for budgeting reasons.  We hired JKM Construction for the porch because they gave us the best quote, but roofing isn’t their specialty, so after they were going to rebuild the porch structure, etc. we would bring in someone else for the shingling and what not.  The guys at JKM are really great guys too…hard workers.  But, they did have a busy schedule (tis’ the season) so, it took a bit longer than we had originally hoped.  Here’s how it all went down.

This is what it looked like before-

It took them nearly 2 days to rip off the shingles and rotted wood as well as the pillars that were actually hand-made out of wood (really old and original- we’ll keep those). And, of course, then it rained…

They returned after things dried up a bit and they started with re-framing.  They didn’t get a lot done on this day, but it’s progress…

In this picture you can really see the condition of the roof and shingles.  Keep in mind this part will be finished by another company so this will all come off eventually.

It rained a bit more (typical) but they returned a few more days to get the entire frame complete.  Meanwhile, the other company we hired for the roof started on ripping up the shingles, repairing sheathing (wood boards) and laying the roofing felt.

They also added the paneling and secured the original columns back where they were originally.  They also handled the electricity and gave us a space to put a light in-between each column.IMG_9430

The back of the roof was a bit worse- it required us to reframe the entire thing.  Bad news when a roof is already an expensive project.  In the photo below, you can see that when they originally added on this back section of the house, they cut the roof rafters on the main portion and added new ones that didn’t meet with the old rafters.  Since we want to do this right (and make sure it’s safe) we tied in new rafters.

Back Roof Frame

If you don’t know anything about roof structures (not something the average person might know), here is a general description via Lowe’s to help explain the general structure and terminology.  The photo below is from DIY Network.


So, after we repaired the rafters and the overall support system for the roof, we (and I mean they) installed the plywood sheathing to set a foundation for the surface materials.


They placed the underlayment (felt) and then started with the asphalt shingles.  We chose a black/gray color which will hide dirt much better than a lighter gray color, but still not dark black.


And here’s the finished result (minus the chimney, which need some type of finishing/flashing or something- I defer to my husband on that one).  Which turned out rather nice.


With the roof finished, now we can focus on the inside since we know there will be no more leaks or damage to the overall structure of the home.


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