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Chalkboard Paint Project to Love

Let me start by saying that I’ve been wanting to find a reason to use chalkboard paint for a while now but I was a little intimidated by it.  I mean, it’s black (for one) so it’s bound to make a bold statement…but, its uses are endless.

I’ve seen it used in literally every room of a house so, I was paralyzed when it came to deciding where I wanted to put it.  That is…until my 2 year old became fascinated with painting and coloring and so, I thought: “wouldn’t it be great to put it in his room somewhere?”  And the answer to that, my friends, is yes…yes it would.  So, during a trip to Target, I saw a quart of Chalkboard Paint and decided to go for it. Because that’s what happens at Target- you go for paper towels and end up there for hours with stuff you probably didn’t need, but I digress.


Back to the topic.  We bought a wardrobe storage system from Ikea a few years ago when we first started decorating the Nursery.  I decided it was the perfect place for my first chalkboard paint project. What’s great is that chalkboard paint can literally be applied on any surface (no sanding or prep needed) so, it’s a quick and easy project…

I started by taping off the panels of the wardrobe- with the help of my toddler, of course.    

He’s such a good helper.  And while he worked on taping one section, I jumped over to paint another.  This required some serious multi-tasking skills…keeping him in conversation so he didn’t come and try to steal my paint brush.  Mom of the year.

The can says that it takes at least one hour to dry, but I assume that’s if you were to paint on a wall with very liberal application.  I painted a thin coat to start, which took about 20 minutes to dry (10 with the ceiling fan on) and then went back to apply a second layer.

It was easy to tell when it was dry because it wasn’t as dark or shiny as it was when it was wet.  You can really see what I mean in the photo below.  Altogether, each panel got about three coats plus touch ups.

I ran out of tape on the third large panel so I painted in the bottom of it by hand- just because I was being lazy and didn’t want to go dig through the basement for another roll.

The tape didn’t create a seamless, clean edge, but I cleaned it up a bit using a damp cloth and a butter knife (wipe the edges where there is paint you want to remove so that it’s slightly damp, then slowly scrape with an old butter knife).




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