Pinterest DIY: Paint Chip Calendar

I was feeling crafty yesterday so I thought I would attempt a Pinterest DIY.  These don’t always work out well for various reasons, but I thought this one seemed rather simple (and cheap)…so what the hell.

There are a ton of tutorials on Pinterest – I liked different things about each of them.

I like the monochromatic colors in this one


I like that this one used paint chips starting with lighter colors earlier in the month and getting darker as the month progressed.


I had an empty white frame from Target that would fit an 8×10 photo with the mat in the frame..  Without it, I could fit a much larger calendar.

With a general idea in mind, and frame selected, I decided on where mine would be displayed in my home. Since our office space is in the sunroom, I settled on the small empty wall by the desk.  Seemed practical.  I recently painted this room “Comfort Gray” by Sherwin Williams and I want the paint chips to coordinate with that palette.

Before I make the trip to the store for the paint chips, I want to make sure I get enough for the size I’m planning.  I’m going to make 2 sizes.  One to fit the 8×10 mat and another that fills the entire frame.  Just so I have options, because why not? For the 8×10 size, I grabbed a scrap piece of paper and measured out 5 rows of 7.  Note: They will be somewhat smaller squares than how they appear here because the paper is 8.5×11, but it gives us a general guide to work with.

Now it’s time for a trip to the store.  So, first I went to Lowe’s and picked up paint chips from the paint department. Lowe’s has a great selection of colors but some of their colors are on sheets of 3 or 4, so your color swatches are smaller.  Plus, if you don’t want the paint name and formula code shown, you have to figure out if there is enough space to cutout around it.  I grabbed some of my palette and then headed to my local Sherwin Williams store where their paint swatches for the colors I wanted were larger squares.


Once I got home, I laid out my supplies and started to cut my squares according to the size I planned on my template.  I kept the days of the week the lighter shade and went darker as the weekdays progressed.  So, Sunday was my lightest color of my palette and Saturday was my darkest.

Paint Swatch Calendar1


I glued them down using my handy glue stick and here’s the end result for the 8×10 size.

To make the larger one, I’d follow the same process just using a larger piece of paper and a new template to determine my square size.

Super easy and totally free.



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