Tearing Out the Above-Ground Pool. Finally.

My husband and I have differing opinions when it comes to the above-ground pool in our modest backyard.  It was here when we bought the house so, we have spent several Summer’s tending to its maintenance even though we don’t get much use of it.   That labor also came with a hefty price tag- chemicals and equipment are expensive! So, when (by some miracle) the pool lining got a rip one fall, we decided it was best to part ways…

After much procrastination, my hubs started to disassemble the baheameth- made of metal/steal (not plastic like they are now).


Starting with the liner, he removed it from the exterior walls…cutting around the pump area.
I thought this thing was buried feet deep into the ground, but once the lining wasn’t pulling it right, it more or less collapsed.  


With a jigsaw (yes, that’s right…could have used a more appropriate tool but my hubs is skilled at working with what tools he has on-hand) he cut the exterior walls into sections so he could roll them up…like what you would do for carpet

Then he cut up the lining into smaller sections that were easier to manage…which required some manly assistants (mainly, my stepson and a neighbor) to help manage the load.

And…there ya’ have it folks.  Goodbye pool! Hello…um, fire pit?  Or some other equally charming setup.

Either way, the dogs sure love it!


What’s left is a make-shift deck, which also needs removing, and all the miscellaneous pieces to take to the scrap metal.

I hate to make it look so easy, but there weren’t too many steps involved. I say this, of course, as the bystander that did literally zero work on this job.  Point is, i thought this was going to be a huge pain and now that it’s done, I couldn’t be happier.  Major props to the hubs!


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