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Rental House: Back Porch Tear Out

This was one of the biggest projects we had planned..the other being the roof.  So naturally, we put it off until the last possible minute.  We have renters moving in on Monday.  Today our crew started the tear out stage…

They first removed he siding and then started tearing away the rotted wood and removing the old windows.


Over time, and due to the poor drainage, the water has drained back towards the house and caused damage to the wood structure.  We had several people look at it and we determined it was worth fixing (rather than tearing out/off completely) but we would need to rebuild the base structure from scratch. I was actually surprised that someone built a wood floor directly on the soil…treated wood or not, it obviously won’t last well long-term.

Since we had the roof repaired/completed already (first project we tackled) we have to work around the new portion of the roof.  The crew removed all walls and the floor and then secured the roof with these metal poles (there is probably a more legit name for these things…).


Then my hubby, with the help of our able-bodied son, removed the concrete patio that was  along the outside of the entryway of this porch.


With that removed, my husband started digging a footer around the base of where we plan to lay the new concrete pad for the porch.  It needed to be at least 18″ deep and 2 feet wide (more on this in a future update post).  You’ll also notice that the crew came back to install the four wood beams to hold up the roof.


So, here’s a few before photos to compare with a “current”photo so that you can see how much progress has been done (in just 5 days).  Doing some of the labor ourselves saves some money but, obviously, hubby is worn out after doing most of this himself…with a little help from our 2-year-old who managed to pickup some rocks and put them in a pile.  Great job buddy.

Follow-up post to come when the concrete pad is poured and the walls start going up!


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