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Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

I generally learn to manage with whatever furniture I have until the damn thing practically falls apart. For instance, I’ve had these dining chairs from Crate and Barrel since my first apartment after college (10 years ago). But, I’m getting sick of looking at the worn out furniture in our dining room and I’m ready for a change. [Update: just as I finished typing this post, my 4-year-old took a pen and drew all over them.]

I’ve seen a few chairs that I like, but if I’m replacing the chairs, I might as well start from scratch…I mean, that’s only reasonable.

I’m really liking the casual and natural look of the farmhouse style that’s big right now (secretly hoping it sticks around for a while).  Here are some inspiration photos I found on Instagram and Pinterest.

This one is from @homehydrangea has it all covered and don’t you appreciate that she tagged the sources?

Here’s another great one from Young House Love that I think might be the easiest for us to “copy” because our house and layout seem very similar. Also, since the slip-covered chairs are more expensive, I’d rather buy 2 of them (for the 2 heads of the table) instead of 4 (and couldn’t you just see the kids destroying these??)

Young House Love

Dining Chairs:

To get started shopping for products to recreate these looks, I started with the slip-covered chairs….and I found a wide range to give sort-of a good, better, best to pick from.

At the $199 price point, I think the Crate & Barrel is my favorite.  However, the Ballard Design chair is a tad more expensive, but it’s available in different fabrics (indoor and outdoor) all of which are easy to clean and might be more family-friendly.

For the other chairs that will go on either side of the table, I had a harder time trying to weed through all of the products.  There is a LOT out there to choose from so, I tried to find ones that had a natural finish (to match the top of our dining table).

Of these 4 options, I think I like the ones from Pier 1 the best with the Wayfair set as a close 2nd place.

Area Rug

Now for the rug.  Fact: I love jute rugs. But, I struggle with adding a rug in the dining room..only because in my experience, they end up catching a lot of mess and prove harder to clean-up than say, a hardwood floor.  Therefore, I’m on the fence about this still.  If I do choose a rug, it would be one that has shorter, denser weave so that it doesn’t trap as much OR one that can be easily cleaned (in that case Jute rugs might not work).

Jute Rug
World Market: $269.99 for 8×10

If not Jute, then I’d go with a look like this- a really worn looking oriental style with very muted or natural colors.

rug world market
Rugs USA: $197 (sale) for 8×10

I would also check the local Home Goods or Marshalls for rugs too. It’s hit or miss but, they usually have some affordable options.

Wall Art

Our dining room has one large wall and 4 narrow walls to work with.  I already have two over-sized Matte frames from Pottery Barn on two of the opposite narrow walls closest to the window, so I could pair those with metal wall tile like this one below from Kirkland’s ($59.99)…

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 4.48.01 PM

…or I could move them to another room and go with these from Pottery Barn (18″ medium is $76 and the 25″ large is $92).



In our case, we may need a ceiling fan to keep us cooler in the summer months (no central air in these old houses, after all). But, let’s pretend for a moment, that our window AC unit will be sufficient, I think I like more of the rustic look vs. the classic style.

This one from Wayfair is $149.99 and it’s a great look with the glass votive lights and large circle frame.

wayfair chandelier

Or, this simple yet more modern style also from Wayfair for $171.99


Although, I think this one from Lowes is my favorite.  It’s $249, so a bit more, but the wood and metal mix is really beautiful.


How to Budget it All:

Altogether, I’m estimating these purchases would cost around $1,500.00 but, to ease this expense, I’d prioritize by buying first the slip-covered chairs ($199 x 2) and then the side table chairs ($104.96 x 4).  The next priority would be the light fixture at $249.00.  Lastly, I’d decide on whether or not to buy a rug at all and then I’d spread out the decor purchases with the entire look mostly together.  If I gave myself 6 months to achieve this look, it would mean I’d need to put aside $250 per month…that seems doable.

Other Similar Looks

Here are some other ideas that are more of an industrial farmhouse look.  They use more mix of materials, like metal and wood, but still follow the same neutral palette with products that look worn and lived-in.

Here are some great metal chairs to recreate these looks…and these are really everywhere right now, so see my shopping links below for more ideas on where to find these and others.

Shopping Links:

  1. Pier 1
  2. World Market
  3. Arhaus
  4. Crate and Barrel
  5. Kirkland’s
  6. Ikea
  7. Target

For more inspiration photos and shopping ideas, follow my Dining Room Board on Pinterest. Please share your feedback and ideas as well!


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