Bathroom Inspiration

As we head into the New Year, I’ve decided to finally make some big decisions and launch into renovations that I’ve been holding out on for a while now.  I think I’ve delayed because I’m afraid that I’ll pursue a re-design (invest a ton of money) and then end up wanting to change it within a few years.  As such, I’ve decided to go forward with a more neutral, family-friendly style that can be easily changed with little cost.

I found some beautiful photos on Instagram and Pinterest as inspiration and texted them to my husband with some notes and said, “Okay, now make it happen.” (Wish it was that easy). These are my notes to him and my subsequent “research” aka shopping finds for our first-floor bathroom. The way I see it, we could make all of these updates within a $2500-$3000 budget…I mean, totally possible.  Shopping links are at the bottom of the page.

Round Mirror:

Source: @Cynthia_Harper_

I found lots of similar mirrors but the bad news is that I’m going to have to spend more than $50 to get this look. My existing mirror is a built-in medicine cabinet so, I either need to be prepared to patch the hole it’s sitting in OR buy a mirror that is larger so that it covers it completely (I’d still probably want to patch it, though at some point).


Patterned Floor Tile:

Source: @concretecottage

As it turns out, Home Depot has a pretty decent selection of patterned tiles. I found a few others that I liked while shopping around. This choice will come down to A) whether I can convince my husband to get behind this look and B) what my budget will allow. Another idea that could be cool is to just stencil with something like what you see at Cutting Edge Stencils


Light Fixture:

Source: @randrathome

The light fixture in the source image above is from Wayfair and so, that’s where I started.  I’ve ordered lighting from them several times and feel like they have a pretty decent selection and good pricing.


Paint Color:

I’m not entirely sure what paint color is in the source photo but, I already painted my bathroom a light blue so I’ll likely stick with that…or, maybe I’d go with Sherwin Williams Gray Screen or similar to make it more neutral.

Wood Shelves:

Source: @txsizedhome
These shelves were a DIY project that I tackled a few months ago. I spent $45.00 on hardware (via Etsy) and wood that I cut down to the desired size, then stained because it made more sense than spending $75-100 for someone else to do it.  If you aren’t feeling up to a DIY then Etsy has some good options as does Wayfair and Target.

Subway Tile & Glass Shower Doors:


Not entirely sure what we’ll do about the bathtub just yet but, I’d like to see this tiled into a shower but, our 2nd story bathroom doesn’t have much space for a tub so, I feel at least one is needed somewhere in our house (I love baths). Either way, I want subway tile and glass doors with a black metal frame. I like the contrast of the black metal and the more natural colors of reclaimed wood.  I simply googled black metal shower doors and came up with more options than I had expected.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.40.18 AM.png

When it comes together, I imagine it will look something cohesive and beautifully put together…


Shopping Links:



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