We’re an average married couple trying to fix up our first home on a moderate budget, one project at a time.  Between two rowdy pups, four teenagers, a toddler, a newborn, we always have something going on. So, we’ve become quite the savvy couple…juggling our full-time jobs, family-time, and after-school activities with painting our kitchen and laying new tile.  We were married in 2012, but we’ve been building a home together for quite some time.  Now, we’re living happily ever after in our charming craftsman home in Cleveland, Ohio and we want to share our story with you.  My name is Stephanie and the adorkable man by my side is my hubby (he prefers to remain nameless)…welcome to our humble hive.

How this blog got started:

Life can be chaotic–it always seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done–and sometimes home renovations get pushed off when other more important things take priority.  And, when there is enough time to focus on the house, it’s overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin.  At least, that’s how I felt a few years ago when I first moved into our home.

So, began the brainstorming…

I started cutting out magazine clippings and printing images from online, then I’d spend hours trying to find similar furniture at a price I could afford, or days looking for the paint color on the wall in some user-submitted photo from online.  Let me jump to the point.  We all want beautiful, comfortable homes that we can be proud of…and we can’t ALL afford what’s out there or maybe we can and we just don’t have the time to get it all done ourselves.  So, I wanted to create a space to kind of document my journey to use my experience as an example of how you too can find functional and affordable things to make your home a personal space you love.

From painting, decorating, cleaning, and gardening to tearing up floors, installing cabinets, and repairing electrical, we will cover it all…we’ll provide helpful links, instructions, photos, and suggestions on how YOU can do what you want and do it at a price that’s reasonable. Posts typically begin where I begin in the process, so I walk through every project from start to finish. We’re not doing it all at once, either, since we don’t have the cash flow just hangin’ around….which makes it easy for you to keep up, I think, and follow along as we work.

Note: we aren’t professionals nor do we claim to be, but we’re trying to do things the right way within a budget so, we may do a lot of things ourselves that an experienced laborer may do differently…we may not always recommend you do it this way.  In some cases, it’s best to hire a professional to do the work for you…some things are just worth the $$. Please, no matter what, put safety first.  Ask questions and research what’s involved before you start to tackle things on your own 🙂  I beg you.  


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