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Back Porch- Before & After

Because who doesn't like a good before and after photo??Here are some more "Before" photos as well as a few "In-progress".  You can see some of the details on the work in this post hereWe removed the little, covered porch area above the door, ripped out the crappy retaining wall, removed the huge tree that was… Continue reading Back Porch- Before & After

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Rental House: Back Porch Tear Out

This was one of the biggest projects we had planned..the other being the roof.  So naturally, we put it off until the last possible minute.  We have renters moving in on Monday.  Today our crew started the tear out stage... They first removed he siding and then started tearing away the rotted wood and removing… Continue reading Rental House: Back Porch Tear Out

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Rental Rehab: Part 4..Laundry Room

This is the laundry room in the rental house as it looks now.  I love this space.  No, seriously...it might not look like much, but it has so much potential.  Here, let me show you what I mean. Here's a really rough look at the current layout of the laundry room. This is definitely not… Continue reading Rental Rehab: Part 4..Laundry Room