The garden area had some beautiful plants to work with, but most everything was overgrown with weeds.  In fact, we discovered a small pond while ripping out the English ivy in the back corner.  We pulled out almost everything, but we were able to salvage a few peony shrubs, some azaleas and a lilac bush.

backyard before


We ripped out everything and transplanted some of the shrubs from the front and planted them here.  It’s a work in progress as we add more of our favorite flowers.  We cleaned up the pond, but it’s quite difficult to maintain, so it may not stay for long.  Our two rambunctious dogs terrorize this area, too, which means we need to finalize the plantings soon to serve as barriers in keeping them out.



Below are some of my Houzz Ideabooks that I use as inspiration in renovating our backyard landscaping. For more photos like these, check out my Pinterest Backyard Board here or see some of my Garden ideas here.


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