Bathroom 1


(See the entire First Floor Layout in a seperate window)


We haven’t committed to any major projects in the bathroom as of lately, but we have lots of plans for this space, including a new bathtub, toilet, flooring and trim.  As both the Master and Guest bathroom, it’s definitely a space that deserves some attention…


More Photos-Bathroom1. I had a custom shower curtain made by Tonic Living using an outdoor fabric. It was more expensive than your standard shower curtain, but the fabric is super easy to clean and it handles the moisture well.  2. I framed a DIY art project and hung it over a new towel bar, which I found at Home Goods.  We installed new blinds from Lowe’s and painted the walls “Misty Surf” by Sherwin Williams.  3. The blue countertop must go.  I also plan to paint the vanity white  4. The bathroom door opens the wrong way (making you reach behind it to turn on the light) and it’s not in good condition, so it needs to be refinished.


Below are some of my Houzz Ideabooks that I use as inspiration in renovating our bathroom.  For more photos like these, check out my Pinterest Bathroom Board here.


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