Guest Bedroom

Guest Room

(See the complete First Floor Layout in a seperate window)


The blue and yellow walls reminded us of a circus tent and the curtains were just silly looking.  The radiator cover was in good shape but the screen on the front was damaged and filthy.  The carpet was something you’d see in a basement or rec room, so it needed to be removed.  Afterall, I’m a huge fan of hardwood flooring…especially if its the original.  Also, another downside is that our neighbors can see right through; some blinds would be nice.


We painted the walls a pale mauve color, but it looks too much like a nursery, it’s going to be a nursery soon, so we’re going to repaint it. The temporary closet is for my husband’s work clothes (he has a lot)-we’re working on a permanent place for those. We removed the carpet, refinished the floors, installed new white wood blinds, and added a new white ceiling fan.



Below are some of my Houzz Ideabooks that I use as inspiration in renovating our bathroom. For more photos like these, check out my Pinterest Bedroom Board here

Nursery Inspiration


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