Upstairs Living Room

Upstairs Living Room

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I don’t even know where to begin.  This is one of the rooms that needs the most work and we are trying to determine what updates are worth the investment.  That’s to say, we don’t want to spend a fortune fixing it up if we won’t see a return when we sell.  So much potential here though, so we decided to start small and take our time.

Upstairs- Before Staircase-Before


For starters, we ripped out the carpet and painted the hideous paneling a basic white.  We painted the staircase walls a beige color (Sherwin Williams: Balanced Beige) and I hung some quick and easy DIY curtains.  We cleaned up the clutter and placed some furniture where it would give us some sort of usable space while we figured out what to do next.  This is still a major work-in-progress…major.  With the baby on the way, this room will become more of a family room, giving the kids a place to play and study (it’s next to their rooms so it only makes sense).

Upstairs Living RoomIMG_0230 (2)



Below are some of my Houzz Ideabooks that I use as inspiration in renovating our upstairs living room area. For more photos like these, check out my Pinterest Upstairs Living Room Board here.


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